“I researched all over the web for the safest and easiest way to lose my belly fat. There’s no way I was going to do liposuction because it’s so dangerous. So I looked into non invasive ways to help me out. I read about ultrasonic cavitation in Europe and thought it was the next best thing since sliced bread! Thus began my search for ultrasonic cavitation. In my first session I lost a 1/2 inch from my waste line. I was so excited that I signed up for a package. I am 5 sessions in and I’ve lost 1.75 inches, and it hasn’t come back!. So ridiculously awesome. The technician was awesome. Twice a week I head over to get my fat zapped and then go about my day. I feel healthier and my pants are looser!! Score one for this gal!” ~ Laura Harris


“Being a women of color that loves her curves, I am having difficulty getting rid of my belly fat! After months at the gym the only thing I’ve lost is the curves I wanted to keep.The belly fat and love handles(not feeling the love) are still there. After a little research and talking friends and family. I learned about Ultrasonic Cavitation: there really isn’t any pain, in fact it is relaxing! After my first treatment went from 33.75 to 33 3/4. Picture me doing the Happy Dance, because now I am even closer to my goals!” ~ Marie Poole


“I have suffered from severe lower back pain from bring a gymnast & competitive cheerleader. I broke my back for the first time when I was 14, then again at lovely 16 & 17. I have no disc in between L4 & L5, a herniated disc as well as a torn disc. I recently threw my back out about a month back & have been seeing Carmell at taut+vibe here in C’Ville since then. The Ultrasonic Cavitation took what was an over the top painful experience at 100% pain level as well as loss of feeling in my left hand finger tips, my left calf & the bottom of my left foot, to nothing. I went in for my first session to give it a shot, I mean whats the harm in trying something new to relieve pain, numbness & shave a few unwanted inches off of my upper thighs. What followed next left myself & mother in tears of joy… I had regained all sensation after three minutes of a 40 minute session. Once Carmell was done with my Ultrasonic Cavitation, I was in shock! I had all feeling back & was down to about 25% pain level! The way she worked the Ultrasonic Cavitation machine on the back of my legs & inside of my thighs somehow alleviated the pain & numbness because she was working my Sciatica Nerve. I have lost over an inch & a half on my thighs as well as the back of my legs. Yes the numbness comes back eventually, but it stays away for about 4 days. Not only is taut+vibe helping Detoxify & Sculpt my body, it is a pain reliever that has saved me! I used to live at a 35% on a daily basis, since stating with taut+vibe a month ago I now live between 10% & 15% pain. I do not take any over the counter medication for pain or prescribed pain medication either, I just though it was something I’d live with my whole life. Now this “Miracle Machine” has caught the attention of my Neurosurgeon who will be meeting with myself & Carmell next week. Dr. Young is so excited to share with his patients an alternative. I feel so blessed to have stumbled across this amazing woman & her unbelievable talents! Thank you so much Carmell & taut+vibe for showing me a new way of living… Pain free, with a kick butt slim down! Never felt or looked better!!!!!” ~ Whitney Melfa


“I have had two treatments so far and the results are fabulous!! My thighs are finally thinning out, which has always been my extreme trouble spot. The atmosphere is relaxing and Carmell is wonderful. Charlottesville is so lucky to have this fabulous service.” ~ Gina Mancuso¬†




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